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Project: qbp is a 3D puzzle-solving video game which was made in Unity in less than 24 hours during the Quantum Futures Hackathon 2019 at CERN.

Players have to advance through rooms by using a small robot which can split into different simultaneous (quantum) status of itself.


  • WASD: Moving.
  • K: Split.
  • C: Swapping between different status.
  • M: Merge.
  • Alt+F4: Closing the game.

GitHub repository

You can find the public repository of Project: qbp at the following GitHub link:

Further information

You can read more about the Quantum Futures Hackathon 2019 where the video game was developed at the following link:


  • Adrián Navarro Pérez.
  • Christopher William Black.
  • Eleni Vatamidou.
  • Ludvig Arlebrink.
  • Marek Černák.
  • Mohamed Asif Iqbal Mohamed Haneefa.
  • Samuel Soutullo Sobral.


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Everything was developed by the team during the Quantum Futures Hackathon 2019 except for:

Install instructions

1. Download the Project_qbp.zip folder.
2. Unzip it somewhere in your computer.
3. Open Project qbp.exe.
4. Have fun!


Project_qbp.zip 26 MB

Development log

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